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Be Prepared for

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The Stars Talk

WeeOnes e-zine 2006, reprinted in 2011 by Spacesports and Spidersilk

Those Amazing Animals

Guardian Angel Kids 2011

Moons In Orbit

Tikes On Trikes

Shop and Swap Til You Drop

Athens News Courier 2009

Various Writer How-To's published with:

The Institute of Children's Literature, The Blue Review, Rainy Day Corner Publishing, and more.  Article below taken from Homeschool Corner:

Everyday Heros

Athens News Courier 2011

Various other children's articles published with:

WeeOnes E-zine: 

Loops, Whirls, and Arches

Ferry Farm

Pony Mail

The Unchangeable Sax

Grit to Glitter: the story of glass


Apple Seeds Magazine:

Yes, Your Highness



Katie is the author of the young adult dystopian "Enslaved" series with Pelican Book Group, as well as the YA Beguiled Series, children's picture books, and over 100 short stories and articles for children and adults.

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